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Frequently Asked Premier Agent Network Questions

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Premier Agent Network has several real estate commission split programs to choose from. Agents can choose the program that best fits their real estate business needs. Unlike traditional brokers that take 30-60% of the total gross commission plus franchise fees, desk fees, and other per transaction fees, Premier Agent Network only charges a small flat rate per transaction for their own deals. Premier Agent Network also provides different 100% commission split plans for Mono County, CA real estate agents to choose that works best for them.

Depending on which plan you choose, it could cost you nothing to join. Simply fill out the online application and become a Premier Agent Network agent in less than 30 minutes.

Our standard real estate commission programs have a risk management fee of $135 per closed transaction per side up to $1 Million. This fee covers the cost for errors and omissions insurance, broker file reviews, claims, judgments, litigations, legal advice, settlements, and other risk management associated with a real estate business. Our minimum policy covers liabilities up to $1,000,000 which covers 95% of all transactions within the company.

Each commission plan is different and it depends what plan you signed up under. Our most popular real estate commission programs in Mono County, CA are Plan A at a flat fee per transaction and Plan D at a 90% commission split to the agent. Agents have the flexibility to change their plan every 6 months to fit into a business model that works best for them.

No. There are no minimum sales quotas to meet at our real estate brokerage in Mono County, CA. Although we do encourage setting personal sales goals and helping you reach them. You can do zero or 100 sales per month and it is completely up to you.

Assuming your real estate file is complete and approved by the broker, you will get paid directly from escrow the same day escrow cuts the checks. If the file is incomplete at the time escrow cuts the checks, then escrow will send the check to our real estate company. Once the file is complete and approved by the real estate broker, Premier Agent Network will send your commission split directly to your address on file.

No. Our affiliates work virtually from their personal office or from their home. We believe in giving our agents more of their hard earned real estate commission versus paying for unnecessary office space. Instead, we reinvested our profits into having online technology to make everyone's job easier.

Yes. Maintaining those strong long term relationships is beneficial to your real estate career in Mono County, CA. You are free to use professional services that best fit your client’s needs.

Yes. As long as you have the Premier Agent Network logo on your marketing materials, your name and your real estate license number, you are free to use any person or company of your choice. We do recommend using our preferred vendors we have chosen that have our predesigned marketing real estate templates on file. This may be a cheaper and easier way to go because we have negotiated discounts.

Premier Agent Network is a member of National Association of Realtors (NAR), California Association of Realtors (CAR), and many other local Mono County REALTOR® association boards. All you have to do is fill out an application, pay the required dues, attend an orientation and then you are ready to expand your real estate career. Each Realtor association has different rules and regulations and use different multiple listing service providers (MLS). It is best to choose a Realtor association board that is local to you for industry meetings and frequent real estate trainings. If you are not sure which one to join, call the local association of Realtors near you about membership costs, dues, MLS access, and other requirements.

When all the proper documents are signed and your employer information changes with the state real estate licensing board website. These documents include the independent contractor agreement, office policy manual, an IRS W9, and a complete application. The process usually only takes 30 minutes.

Premier Agent Network uses industry standard state membership forms provided by state REALTOR® Associations. Each state has a different set of laws that require different wording in the documents. You can obtain these forms from your local board of Realtors or from your agent dashboard document library.

Our real estate brokers are here to assist you with anything related to your business. We are here to help you succeed in your real estate career. Communication is the key to success, so you can reach a broker by calling, texting, emailing, faxing, and chatting online to answer any questions you might have.

Yes. You are free to set your own sales commission fee with your clients. Real estate commission is always negotiable and you are able to charge what you want.

Yes. You can apply your commission to the principles within the transaction only (buyer(s) and/or seller(s)). If you want the refund to be distributed from escrow, you have to write it into the contract or addendum. This way it is included in the escrow instructions and the final statement (Recommended). You can have Premier Agent Network distribute the refund to your buyer or seller. One check will go to you and the other will go to your client(s). A W9 form is required otherwise the refund will be taxable to the agent. You can make the refund to the buyer or seller yourself but may have to pay income taxes on it. Please advise with your tax advisor before choosing these options.

You need an active real estate salesperson or broker’s license to join our virtual real estate brokerage.

Yes. Premier Agent Network does not require that you use a transaction coordinator, but it is available. Some TC fees vary depending on the extent of the transaction. The typical TC fee for our real estate agency is $350 single side representation transaction and $550 dual sided representation transaction.

You can join our real estate firm by applying online.