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How to Become a Real Estate Agent or Broker in San Francisco County, CA

become a real estate agent in San Francisco County, CA

How to become a Real Estate Agent or Real Estate Broker in San Francisco County, CA

First you have to decide if you want to become a real estate agent or broker. Think about the advantages of such a job and analyze if you are ready to put up with the downfalls as well. Most agents work for a commission and are not on an hourly wage. Most real estate agents and brokers in San Francisco County, CA are self-motivated and work more than 10 hour days during odd hours. Are you ready to start a business that is constantly changing and where there is always something new to learn? Then the real estate industry may be for you.

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Take the Necessary Real Estate Classes

Nowadays, it is not mandatory that you have a college degree in order to become a real estate agent in San Francisco County, CA. However, you should know the fact that a college degree can be in your favor if you are interested in having a broker's license. The truth is that you will stand a much better chance at being successful in this business if you hold a college degree. Make sure that before you proceed to the next step, that you inform yourself over the required qualifications in your state in order to acquire a real estate license. These requirements can differ from one state to another, but the most common qualifications are: you must be least 18 of age, you must be a U.S. citizen and you must take the required pre-license classes. Once all the required real estate courses are finished, you can then apply to take the real estate state exam.

Schedule and Take the State Exam

To apply for your state’s exam, you will most likely have to go online to the real estate licensing department. Double check with the list of requirements once again and see if you are eligible to take the exam. Remember that in order to take the exam you will have to submit your fingerprints and have to pass a background check. Once you have all proper documentation turned in and courses complete, it's time to study for the state test. There are many companies offering weekend real estate license crash courses in San Francisco County, CA and study test material for a small fee. Once you pass your state test, you must work for a broker for your real estate license to be active. If you are a real estate broker, you can work for yourself, or become a broker-associate with Premier Agent Network and take advantage of real estate training, errors and omissions insurance, and plug into our real estate back office system. Sign up with Premier Agent Network and take your real estate career to the next level.

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