Real Estate Agent Marketing

Real Estate Agent Marketing

In today’s competitive world, marketing strategy plays a crucial role in any organization’s success. In particular, progress of service-based companies such as real estate agencies depends greatly on the way they promote their services. In order to have an effective marketing strategy, it is important to concentrate on a specific target market rather than accessing mass market. Different marketing strategies that actually work for real estate agents are as follows.

10 Effective Marketing Strategies

1) Referrals are very important marketing techniques for real estate agents considering their main function as a mediator between sellers and buyers. People usually approach a Real Estate Agent on the basis of referrals so it is important to have a positive impact on both buyers and sellers to attract potential clients. Most of the surveys show that sellers or buyers usually recommend agents to others only if they have had a good experience.

2) Social Networking acts as a cost effective tool for real estate marketing. It basically helps agents to get connected with other professionals and in this way their name gets circulated in different groups of sellers and buyers.

3) Email campaign is considered effective in a way as it deals with the client’s (both sellers and buyers) immediate needs and queries without any hassle of conducting face-to-face meetings. Moreover, it works best for matching the profile of potential buyers and sellers.

4) Print Marketing in the form of news advertisements, flyers, and professional business cards is another effective marketing strategy for real estate agents.

5) Outdoor Advertisement is a very flexible strategy to target markets that do not have much access to online media or print media. Outdoor Advertising includes Billboards, Vehicle advertising, Mobile advertising and posters.

6) Getting in touch with past and present property buyers and sellers is a great way to market your business.

7) Apparel Advertising helps in attracting clients where you can wear customized shirts displaying your real estate agency logo or simply the name.

8) Online blogs are really helpful in order to promote the real estate business. You can inform sellers and buyers about the market conditions and industry trends. Up to date blog postings act as a great marketing strategy.

9) Mobile phone Marketing has increased with the rapid use of Smartphones. Now real estate agents can formulate different applications and benefit from them through property listings and sufficient selling power.

10) Bluetooth marketing is used to target market within the premises where the agent works. In high traffic areas, it is considered effective for promoting services through simple messages or video ads. It usually requires permission from a receiver but it can be used as a great tool to reach the immediate market.