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Paperless Real Estate Tools

paperless real estate tools

Paperless Real Estate Tools & Online Back Office Software

Going green by going paperless! At Premier Agent Network, the idea behind having paperless tools is to create an environment where paper is not used in a way to store information. We created an online real estate back office software system where information is stored in bits instead of ink and toner. The best way to manage and store information is to create folders on your computer. This eliminates having to use a filing cabinet and paper shredders.

Premier Agent Network is a green real estate company and we encourage our associates to be more environmentally friendly. Some of the things we use to cut down on costs and unnecessary waste is email, digital certificates, high resolution monitors, energy star computers, digital signatures, paperless billing, scanners, digital fax services, and computer software such as Adobe. Manage your contacts and leads online.

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Company Paper Usage

Below are statistics of paper used within our real estate company

Save time, money and the environment by going paperless. We have almost eliminated the need to print out thousands of pages of contracts, disclosures and agreements by using electronic signature services to sign paperwork using a computer. Sometimes government agencies, escrow offices or lenders require having wet original signatures on documents, therefore paper is sometimes used. All signed documents are scanned are then uploaded into our online real estate back office system and saved in an online folder.

Paper & Ink Savings

Paper & Ink Usage

Digital Uploads

Virtual Real Estate Brokerage

Go paperless by joining our online real estate brokerage and save more of your hard earned commission.