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Hollister Real Estate Transaction Processing


The real estate transaction process in Hollister, CA has become much easier over the years. Premier Agent Network provides step-by-step guidelines and checklists to handle any kind of real estate transaction imaginable. We have forms in your online back office portal that have detailed instructions on what real estate disclosures to use, what they are for and how to fill them out. If you have multiple transactions going at the same time, you can easily keep things organized and on track.

It is our job to check your real estate transaction file and make sure all the disclosures are filled out properly, dated, and signed. If there is something missing or incorrect, we will let you know so it can be corrected. If you would like to hire a transaction coordinator, we can recommend someone to you.

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online Hollister, CA real estate transaction process

Processing a Real Estate Transaction in Hollister, CA

How to upload your files to the real estate back office portal and operate completely paperless.

online Hollister, CA real estate transaction

Hollister, CA Real Estate Back Office System Training

Once you are logged in, go to the training section and download the transaction checklist. Watch real estate back office training videos and follow the step by step process.

Open Escrow and Collect Signatures

Use documents related to your Hollister real estate transaction and have all the paperwork signed in the correct places. Using electronic signature services is the easiest way to go.

Upload Files for Broker Review

Once you have all the documents signed by all parties involved in the transaction, upload your files to the Agent Portal for broker review. Follow the online transaction checklist.

Get Paid Directly From Escrow

Once your file is completed & approved, the real estate broker will send out a commission disbursement and your commission check comes directly from escrow after closing.

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